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Enso Foundation provides various NGO programmes an opportunity to receive the necessary funds for a sustainable future.

Come, join us as we work in harmony with nonprofits, charitable organisations, and private corporations to accelerate the progress of our nation.

For the Enso Foundation, it is impossible to ignore the growing emphasis on education, healthcare, animal welfare, community well being, and the environment.

There is a chance of creating a supportive ecosystem for all that exists under the sun if we have a better grasp of the issues at hand and develop innovative solutions.

Enso Foundation enriches people's lives and the community as a whole.

We raise awareness for sustainable development, better living, and education, as well as fostering communal well-being in any manner we can.

Enso Foundation came about in 2013 as the charitable arm of Enso Group (Est.2005), a diversified group of MNCs. The trust is registered in Mumbai, India.

All Indian National Rupee (INR) donations are exempted under Section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act.

Our Vision & Mission

Our purpose is to enlighten lives by creating awareness and providing sustainable development, healthier living, education opportunities and promoting the wellbeing of communities in every possible way. Every mission requires a vision and every struggle requires a helping hand. We are here to combat those hardships from the burden of survival. Hence, we work in harmony with nonprofits to accelerate progress as they strive to pave a renewal in an already existing gruesome reality.


At Enso Foundation, we believe education is the most important investment for advancement and the cornerstone of the country’s socio-economic prosperity. KNOW MORE>


At Enso Foundation, we wish to make world-class healthcare accessible to all. We believe that access to healthcare is critical to improving India’s health metrics. KNOW NOW>


Enso Foundation works in partnership with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that provide education, healthcare, and nutrition. KNOW MORE>


We at Enso Foundation aspire to assist the world in conserving animals by living in harmony with them. KNOW MORE>


While societies in various parts of the world have historically oppressed women, we at the Enso Foundation work to empower and equalise them. KNOW MORE>


At the Enso Foundation, we want to help organisations working tirelessly to improve the green movement, plant trees, and protect the environment. KNOW MORE>


There is hope, according to the Enso Foundation, for many people to be able to break free from poverty and for future generations to be spared from terrible childhood ailments. KNOW MORE>


At Enso Foundation, we believe that by working with nonprofits, charitable organisations, and private corporations, we will find our way to implement a sustainable malnutrition-fighting approach.  KNOW MORE>


Enso Foundation pledges to fight for the rights of our fellow humans by working with non-governmental organisations on a variety of issues. KNOW MORE>


Enso Foundation is an outgrowth of Enso Group’s CSR arm with the objective of collaborating with like-minded benefactors for a worthy cause. We make a significant difference in people’s lives by bridging the gap between providing benefactors with donation opportunities to numerous non-governmental organisations.