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Enso Foundation brightens the lives of many, only for the simple fact that We Care

We create awareness and provide sustainable development, healthier living, education opportunities and promote the wellbeing of communities in every possible way.

Why Do We Care

India is a global leader in the production of animal products. Exports of animal products make up a substantial and vital portion of India’s agricultural economy. They’re used in scientific experiments, mistreated as pets, and in zoos and circuses. Animals, like people, are capable of suffering and deserve to live their own lives freely. It’s impossible to ignore the growing emphasis on animal welfare, veganism, community health, and the environment.  

Our Focus

  • Animal cruelty
  • Protection from abusers
  • Circus animal rehabilitation
  • Birth control programmes for canines
  • Experimentation on animals
  • Use of animals for hard labour
  • Hunting
  • Animal protection laws and regulations

The Journey of Change

Animal cruelty should be outlawed. Animal protection laws and regulations should be implemented to protect animals from anyone who would harm them. Several species are on the verge of extinction. We must treat all creatures with the respect they deserve. At the Enso Foundation, we want to help the world conserve animals and coexist with them. Let us commit to caring for them in an acceptable and empathetic manner, demonstrating that our fauna is cherished.