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The Circle of Togetherness

Belief. Compassion. Health. Kindness. Prosperity. Strength. One-mindedness.

Enso Foundation represents the missing link between Benefactors and Nonprofits

As we accept the beauty of imperfection present in the circle of life, we provide various NGO programmes an opportunity to receive the necessary funds for a sustainable future.


Enso Foundation believes in an ‘Enlightened Life’. Governments and businesses in the world tend to miss out on certain areas of life that demand grave attention. Humanitarian and social causes call for an empathetic approach. Under most circumstances, NGOs and other voluntary groups that operate independently from the government on a social mission lack sufficient funding, tools, training, and support. Social work always seems to fall short in comparison to the number of social problems present in the world.

Here’s where we come in. We step in to actively improve the humanitarian and social conditions by bridging the gap between NGO programmes and the funding required to sustain remarkable missions. We eventually plan on embarking on our own programmes, making a difference one day at a time.