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Enso Foundation brightens the lives of many, only for the simple fact that We Care

We create awareness and provide sustainable development, healthier living, education opportunities and promote the wellbeing of communities in every possible way.

Why Do We CareĀ 

Malnutrition is the most serious non-communicable disease. In rural India, women and children suffer from undernutrition and micronutrient malnutrition, which lead to chronic diseases. Access to clean, healthy, and nutritional food continues to be a problem, particularly for children in the rural parts of the country. Essential micronutrient deficiency, commonly known as ‘hidden hunger,’ is a widespread problem in our nation.


Our Focus

  • Improved nutrition and food security
  • Promoting long-term agriculture
  • Strengthen nutrition programmes and schemes
  • Providing grassroots implementation agencies with the requisite equipment
  • Reduce the health hazardsĀ 
  • Data-backed advocacy to policymakers
  • Increasing the availability of technology and data analytics


The Journey of Change

Fighting malnutrition in a country as complicated and diverse as ours is a difficult challenge. Nutritious food is a basic need for people. At Enso Foundation, we believe that by working with nonprofits, charitable organisations, and private corporations, we will find our way to implement a sustainable malnutrition-fighting approach. We help in organising a number of interventions aimed at improving India’s nutritional challenges.