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Enso Foundation brightens the lives of many, only for the simple fact that We Care

We create awareness and provide sustainable development, healthier living, education opportunities and promote the wellbeing of communities in every possible way.

Why Do We Care 

A majority of the population in the nation is still vulnerable and lacks access to adequate health care. Socioeconomic class, location, and gender all worsen this challenging predicament. In the initial stage, a healthcare expert may address up to 80% of healthcare issues. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, the majority of healthcare concerns are focused in metropolitan regions, leaving the rural population neglected.

Our Focus

  • Primary health care access
  • Early detection and treatment
  • Management of referrals 
  • Treat both communicable and noncommunicable illnesses
  • Technology and innovation
  • High-risk pregnancy detection and treatment 
  • Developing better healthcare systems
  • Making decisions based on evidence

The Journey of Change

At Enso Foundation, we wish to make world-class healthcare accessible to all. We believe that access to healthcare is critical to improving India’s health metrics. We have donated advanced equipment, hosted health camps, and distributed medication to underserved areas of society through various programs. Furthermore, we collaborate with non-governmental organisations to provide interventions such as sanitation, maternal care, mental health, elderly care, poverty alleviation, and much more to create a large-scale sustainable impact on the healthcare system of India.